1st June 18 Four Winds, Aberavon 
2nd June 18 Salvage bar, Saundersfoot 
3rd June Lazzmatazz fest , Llandovery 
16th June 18 River House, Swansea 
17th June 18 the Good Companions, Browns , Laugharne 
28th June, Fwrness, Llanelli, The Good Companions 
7th July 18 CornerHouse Gallery, Ammanford 
14th July, Presidents, Neath 
15th July 18 The Other Place, Pontardawe 
4th Aug 18 Llansteffan Festival 
11th Aug 18 Vivian Arms, Sketty 
18th Aug 18 Salvage Bar, Saundersfoot 
29th Sept 18 Salvage Bar, Saundersfoot 
27th Oct 18 Ambassador, Neath 
10th Nov 18 Vivian Arms, Sketty 
15th Nov 18 River House, Swansea 
24th Nov 18 Presidents, Neath 
1st Dec 18 The Other Place, Pontardawe 
8th Dec 18 Private Function 
23rd Feb 19 Bryncoch RFC Thanks 
16th Mar 19, Salvage Bar, Saundersfoot 
25th May 19 Festival, Swansea

Previous gigs

10th Jan 16 Browns Hotel, Laugharne 
12th Feb 16 The Office, Swansea. 
13th Feb 16 the Kinsale, Mumbles 
20th Feb 16, The Castle, Neath. 
5th Mar 16 The Four Winds, Aberavon, 
12th Mar 16 The Kinsale, Mumbles 
17th Mar 16 La Mancha , neath 
18th Mar 16 The Uplands Tavern, 
19th Mar 16 The Castle, Neath 
26th Mar 16 The Copper Beech, Abercrave 
6th April 16 The Lemon Factory, Swansea/ 
15th Apr 16 The Kinsale, Mumbles 
23rd Apr 16 The Castle, Neath 
29th Apr 16 Four Winds , Aberavon 
27th May 16 Hay in May Festival 
27th may 16 Kinsale mumbles 
28th May 16 The Castle, Neath 
3rd June 16 the Vivian arms , Sketty 
4th June 16 Penlan Folk Festival, Cenarth 
11th June 16 The Uplands Tavern, Swansea. 
17th June 16 The Office , Swansea. 
26th June, Browns , Laugharne 
2nd July 16 Kinsale mumbles 
16th July Neath Rugby Club (6.30) , Neath 
21st July 16 Porthcawl Acoustic, Porthcawl pavilion 
29th July 16 Salvage Bar Saundersfoot (Mark & Nigel as duo) 
7th Aug 2016 Kaya Festival 
12th Aug 16 Four Winds, Aberavon. 
27th Aug 16 5.30 uplands music fest then at 9 in 12 Knights, Margam 
3rd September 16 Kinsale Mumbles 
16th Sept 16 The Office, Swansea 
23rd Sept 16 The Uplands Tavern, 
24th Sept 16 NRG Cafe, Neath. 
1st Oct 16 Salvage Bar, Saundersfoot (Nigel & Mark as duo) 
2nd Oct 2pm NRG , Neath 
2nd Oct Aberglais Inn Merthyr (duo) 
8th Oct Pen Cnwc holiday park, Newquay. 
22nd Oct Neath athletic Rfc 
28th Oct Private Function, Dunvant 
29th Oct 16 Remos , Aberavon 
5th Nov 16 The Kinsale, Mumbles 
11th Nov. Charity concert tbc 
26th Nov Presidents, Neath 
3rd dec private function Afan Lodge 
9th Dec 16 Afan Lodge 
10th Dec , Salvage Bar Saundersfoot. (Nigel and mark as duo 
16th Dec the Bridge, Lllangennech 
17th Dec 16 Afan Lodge 
27th Dec Afan Lodge 
31st Dec , Greenhouse, Cwmbran 
10th Feb 17 The Office, Swansea 
19th Feb 17 Inn at the Sticks, Llansteffan 
24th Feb 17 Tino's, original music (Nigel , Dave, Mart, Craig) 
25th Feb 17 Presidents, Neath. 
26th Feb 17 The Arch, Neath 
4th Mar 17 River House, Swansea 
5th Mar 17 Browns Hotel, Laugharne. 
11th Mar 17 Salvage Bar Saundersfoot. (Nigel and mark as duo) 
17th Mar 17 , Morgans Hotel, Swansea, 5.30 start 
17th Mar 17 The Kinsale 9pm 
18th Mar 17. Narbeth holiday camp Mark and Nigel duo 
24th Mar 17 Uplands Tavern 
26th Mar 17 charity gig the Office 
31st Mar Tino's (Nigel, Dave, Mart, Craig original music) 
1st Apr 17 The River House, Swansea 
7th Apr 17 Vivian Arms, Sketty 
16th April 17 Afan Lodge 
30th April 17 Afan Lodge 
5th May 17 Colliers, Skewen 
6th May 17 Presidents, Neath 
7th May, Taste, Port Talbot 
12th May 17 The Office , Swansea 
26th May 17 Cwmafan festival 
27th May 17 The Other Place , Pontardawe 
28th May17 Neath Legion. 4pm 
4th June 17 Browns Laugharne (Nigel, Dave and Mart - original music) 
10th June 17 private function 
11th June 17 Castle Neath 4pm 
15th June 17 Moruzzis 
17th June 17 The River House, Swansea 
24th June 17 The Kinsale, Mumbles 
6th Aug 17 Festival of the Celts, Llandovery 
11th Aug 17 Charity gig 
18th Aug 17 Vivian Arms, Sketty 
19th Aug 17 Kinsale , Mumbles 
20th Aug 17 Taste, Port Talbot 
25th Aug 17 Salvage Bar, S'foot 
2nd Sept 17 Salvage Bar, S'foot 
29th Sept 17 Inn @ the sticks 
30th Sept 17 Salvage Bar, S'foot 
14th Oct 17 Presidents, Neath 
15th Oct 17 Browns (the good companions) 
28th Oct 17 Kinsale mumbles 
29th Oct 17 The Hyst, (Nigel solo) 
3rd Nov 17 Tinos , Swansea (the good companions) 
10th Nov 17 Uplands Tavern 
11th Nov 17 Salvage Bar S’foot 
16th Nov 17 River House, Swansea 
18th Nov 17 Presidents, Neath 
1st Dec 17 The Office , Swansea 
2nd Dec 17 Inn @ the Sticks 
17th Dec 17 Wyndham Arms. Ogmore Vale (6pm) 
22nd Dec 17 The Bridge , Llangennech 
26th Dec 17 Colliers , Skewen 
31st Dec 17 Cockett Inn . Swansea 
20th Jan 18 Castle Hotel, Neath 
3rd Feb 18 Salvage bar , Saundersfoot 
24th Feb 18 the Other Place, Pontardawe 
8th Mar 18 Bath (the Good Companions) 
10th Mar 18 Presidents Neath 
17th March 18 Salvage Bar, Saundersfoot 
18th March 18 Green Stars RFC 
24th Mar 18 Bryncoch Rugby Club 
1st April 18 River House, Swansea 
7th April 18 3 Rivers Hotel , Ferryside 
13th April 18 Vivian Arms, Sketty 
15th April Black Lion, Abergolech 
21st April 18 Private Function 
5th May 18 Presidents, Neath 
12th May 18, the Transport Club, 
26th May Nigel & Good Companions, light shines in Festival  
27th May Charity event , llansteffan